Saturday, December 20, 2014

Managing websites: How to add more sites to the account

There's no need to open another account or notify us when you place ad code on a new site. Once your account is approved, whenever you place your AdSense code on a new page, we'll automatically associate that new site with your account.
Just generate the AdSense code as you did for your original site, and add it to whichever page you'd like -- making sure, of course, that it complies with our program policies. You don't need our team to officially review your site beforehand, but please use your best judgment to make sure that your site content and ad implementation are compliant. (Our policy explanations might help.) We regularly review sites displaying our ads, and we'll let you know if we find any issues.
Note that if you're using the Authorized Sites feature, you'll need to add the new URL to your Allowed Sites list, or you won't receive any earnings for that URL.
We look forward to helping you monetize your new site!

Nepali Books | Latest Release On Nepali Book Market

New Books

Latest Nepali Books

If you are searching Latest and the most New Nepali books, You are at right place. You can get latest information about Nepali Books from here. Beside you can listen Nepali Audio Books and Nepali Story.
  1. Saya Novel
  2. Saya is Sequel of Summer Love Novel. Saya is Written by Subin Bhattarai. As there are many suspense in Summer Love Novel, Saya is most awaited Novel in Nepali Book Market.
  3. Bhaktapur: After A Century | Narayan Man Bijukchhen
  4. Bhaktapur: After A Century is written by Narayan Man Bijukchhen. Bhaktapur After A Century is Nepali book about the Grand Plan or master plan to develop Bhaktapur after 100 years. This book is the projection of Rohit Narayan Man Bijukchhe.
  5. Bhumadhya Rekha
  6. Bhumadhya Rekha latest Nepali book with collection of articles from different National daily as Kantipur Daily and Nepal. Bhumadhya Rekha is written by Rabindra Mishra
  7. Khusi
  8. Khusi is creation of Bijaya Kumar. Khusi is the collection of personal memories and experiences where reader knows the analysis of Bijay Kumar about the role of money, power and sex prevailing in the society.
  9. Rookmangud Katawal
  10. Rookmangud Katawal is Aatmakatha by Army head Rookmangud Katawal.
  11. Khalangama Hamala
  12. Khalangama Hamala is written by Radha Poudel. Khalangama Hamala is Madan Puraskar Winner of 2070.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Nepali Flags

Nepali Flag Nepali Flag is Unique flag of the world because of its dimension. Nepalese flag is combination of two Triangles joined at the middle. Please Share Nepali Flags on your website. copy the code below the animated flag and paste it to your website or blog to get that Nepali Flag. 

Nepalese Flag

Share Animated Nepali Flag on your Blog or website. Just copy the code below the picture and paste them on your blog or website.
1.Nepali Flag
2. Nepali Flag
3. Nepali Flag
4. Nepali Flag
5. Nepali Flag
6. Nepali Flag
7. Nepali Flag
8.Nepali Flag
9. Nepali Flag
10. Nepali Flag
11. Nepali Flag
12. Nepali Flag
13. Nepali Flag

12.  13. 

Share Animated Nepali Flag

Just copy and paste the code below the flag to your blog or website.
1.Nepali Animated Flag 2. Nepali Flag  3. Nepali Flag  4. Nepali Flag 5. Nepali Flag  6. Nepali Flag 7. Nepali Flag  8.Nepali Flag  9. Nepali Flag 10. Nepali Flag  11. Nepali Flag

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

SHRUTI SAMBEG (श्रुति संवेग)

सुमधुर शास्त्रीय सङ्गीतको सम्मिश्रणमा नेपाली उत्कृष्ट कथा, उपन्यास लगायतका गद्य साहित्यको श्रव्य प्रस्तुति, सम्बेगात्मक शैलीमा - कार्यक्रम "श्रुति संवेग"
From Now Onwards Each and every episodes of Sruti Sambeg will be available in StageNepal.
This Blog is Now a complete blog of Literature and Art.
To Listen it - Click here
Thanks For Your Great Support,
StageNepal Team

Monday, June 2, 2014

Nepal to seek Co-operation from New Indian Government

Narendra Modi took the oath of office as India's new Prime minister at the sprawling presidential palace on Monday.

Modi's inauguration is the first to which India invited leaders from across South Asia. Heads of government from the Saarc nations of Pakistan, Sri Lanka , Maldives , Nepal , Bhutan , and Afghanistan attended while Bangladesh was represented by the speaker of its Parliament.

Indian president Pranab Mukherjee administered the oath to Modi and his Cabinet as thousands of guests including Politicians, business leaders and movie stars, watched.Outgoing prime minister Manmohan singh was seated next to Sharif. Analysts said the presence of Pakistani Prime minister Nawaz Sharif signaled an easing of tensions between the nuclear-armed neighbours. Pakistan and India have fought three wars since their independence from Britain in 1947.

Modi and his Bharatiya Janata Party won 282 seats in the 543-member lower house of parliament, well ahead of the 272 it needed for a majority. Analysts say that gives Modi a free hand in choosing his priorities without being constrained by coalition partners.

Nepal, A neighbouring and a developing country is seeking forward for its neighbouring and a rapid progressing country India. Analysts say Nepal will be properly Benifitted from new government of India formed under Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

India has been helping Nepal from many Years ago. However, According to government records The official relationship between Nepal and India established about 1000 years ago.