Saturday, March 21, 2015

Earning By Farming

Source : Lekhnath Agriculture pvt ltd
Address : Talbesi, pokhara

An Interview with The owner

Mr Surendra Pandit is leading farmer businessman in the pokharacity.He started his Farming profession as full time job after He completed his bachelor . Although he had this knowledge from childhood being a part of  farmer family.We had taken an interview with him.

Read the following:

Q: How did you decided to become a farmer and why?
A:Well, My father was a farmer and so my mom was.And I always used to work for a long time in field from my childhood.I used to play with muds and I loved to make toys with it.I also did my bachelor in I had a good, enough knowledge in Farming.And May be due to these reasons.,, .....

Q: Maybe or sure?
A: hmm... These helped me to decide to become a farmer

Q:what is your average income this days?
A: well, I save 5-7 lakhs in a month I earned 70 lakhs last year.

Q: Oh, And in these 11 months?
A: 62 lakhs

Q: How do you feel to be a farmer?
A: It feels good really awesome.I have money , respect and most important patience.

Q: In How much acres is your farming spread?
A: About 3 acres from last month

Q: what's best here ?
A: Here Oranges are good and mangoes too....

Well Mr surendra thank you for giving us your valuable time.

And Thank you reader for reading this post.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

BBC Nepali

BBC Nepali Sewa is the Nepali News broadcast-ed from Britain in Nepali Language form BBC, British Broadcasting Company. BBC Nepali Sewa can be listen all over the world online or from different radio stations.
BBC Nepali
BBC Nepali Sewa includes Current Nepali News. You can listen BBC radio here. For more informations about BBC Nepali SewaVisit us, view the link. 

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