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यु १९ एसिया कपमा नेपालले मलेसियालाई यसरी हरायो

एसिसि १९ वर्षमुनि (यु–१९) एसिया कप क्रिकेट प्रतियोगिताअन्तर्गत आज भएको समूहको तेस्रो तथा अन्तिम खेलमा नेपालले मलेसियालाई १ विकेटले पराजित गरेको छ ।

कोलम्बोमा भएको खेलमा मलेसियाले दिएको १५४ रनको लक्ष्यलाई पछ्याएको नेपालले ४४.४ ओभर खेल्दै पूरा ग¥यो । जितका लागि अनिल साहले ३२, अभिनाश कर्णले २५ र दीपेन्द्रसिंह ऐरीले २२ रनको योगदान गरे । त्यसैगरी, पवन सर्राफ २९ र कप्तान सन्दिप लामिछाने ३ रनमा अविजित रहँदै खेल जिताउन महत्वपूर्ण योगदान गरे ।

मलेसियाका विरनदीप सिंहले ३, मोहम्मद हाफिज, मोहम्मद आमिर र सेयद आजिदले समान २ विकेट लिएका लिए ।

त्यसअघि टस हारेर पहिले ब्याटिङ गरेको मलेसियाले ४४ दशमलव ४ ओभरमा सबै विकेट गुमाउँदै १५३ रनको योगफल तयार गरेको थियो । मलेसियाका ब्याट्सम्यान वीरनदीप सिंहले सर्वाधिक ७५ रनको योगदान दिए । १२० बल खेलेका सिंहले सात चौका प्रहारको मद्दतमा ७५ रन जोडेका हुन् ।

त्यसैगरी, मलेसियाका अर्का ब्याट्सम्यान मोहम्मद हसिफ २१ तथा सेफ उल्लाह मलिकले ११ रन जोडे ।

बलिङतर्फ नेपालका अदिल खान एक्लैले तीन विकेट लिए भने कप्तान सन्दीप लामिछाने र दीपेन्द्र सिंह ऐरीले समान दुई/दुई विकेट लिए ।

हेर्नुहोस् केही तस्बिरहरू:

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Chapali Height 2 | Watch Full movie

New Nepali Movie: Chapali Height 2 Releasing on 19th August
Starring: Ayushman Joshi, Mariska Pokharel, Paramita RL Rana, Rear Rai, Muna Gauchan
Choreographer: Kabiraj Gahatraj
Music: Arjun Kumar
Lyrics: Suresh Rai
Singers: Dharmendra Sewan, Santosh Lama
Stylish: Sanna Gurung
Chief Assistant Director: Tara Neupane
Post-Production: Aslesha Entertainment
Action: Surya Thokar
Production Manager: Buddhi Lal Magar
Colorist: Prabin Manadhar
Background Score: Imman Bikram Shah
Re-Recording/Sound Engineer: Uttam Neupane
Editor: Dirgha Khadka
Cinematographer: Niraj Kadel
Producer: Arjun Kumar
Story/Director: Dpendra K Khanal

Loot 2 | Watch Nepali Full Movie

Watch Full Movie Here:
Click here to Watch Loot 2 Full Movie

Loot -2 

A Princess Movies & Black Horse Pictures Production
Popcorn Pictures Presents!
Nepali Movie LOOT 2 
Masterplan Unfolds Falgun 13(Febraury 24)

Cast: Saugat Malla, Dayahang Rai, Karma, Reecha Sharma, Bipin Karki, Praween Khatiwada, Sushil Raj Pandey, Pratik Raj Neupane
Story/Screenplay/Director: Nischal Basnet
Producer: Madav Wagle, Narendra Maharjan
Editor: Surendra Poudel
Background Score: Rohit Shakya
Cinematographer: Purushottam Pradhan
Music: Kaliprasad Baskota, Roshan Thapa

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BPKIHS 2016 Entrance Exam Questions - Chemistry

BPKIHS 2016- Entrance Examination 


Choose appropriate answer from the four options

1. Paracetamol is 
a. p-Acetamido Phenol
b. p-hydroxy benzoic Acid
c. o-hydroxy benzoic Acid
d. 2-hydroxy benzoic Acid

Ans: A

2. Sucrose can be converted into glucose and Fructose by 
a. Invertase
b. Zymase
c. Diastase
d. Maltase

Ans : A

3. Formalin is
a. 10% Formaldehyde
b. 20% Formaldehyde
c. 40% Formaldehyde
d. 90% Formaldehyde

Ans: C

4. Formula of Plaster of paris is
a. CaSO4 . H20
b. CaSO4. 1/2 H20
c. CaSO4. 3 H20
d. MgSO4 .220

Ans : B

5. Most Abundant Noble Gas is
a. Helium
b. Neon
c. Argon
d. Radon

Ans: C

6. Baking Soda is
a. NaHCO3
b. Na2CO3
c. CaO
d. NaOH

Ans : A

7. Both Oxidising and Reducing Agent is
a. H2O2
b. K2Cr2O7
c. KMnO4
d. LiAlH4

Ans : A

8. Which gas burns with blue flame and reduces CuO to Cu
a. N2
b. NO2
c. CO
d. CO2

Ans: C

9. Acetone on heating with Bleaching Powder gives
a.  Chloral
b. Chloroform
c. Trichloroacetone
d. Formaldehyde

Ans: C

10. Organic compount that gives Ammonia and .... on heating with Soda Lime is
a. Propanoic Acid
b. Propanamide
c. Formamide
d. Formic Acid

Ans : B

11. Ion exchange chromatography is used in the extraction of? 
A. Alkali metals
B. Alkaline earth metals
C. Halogens
D. Lanthanides

Ans : D

12. Increasing Series of Thermal Conductivity is
a. Al , Cu , Ag , Si
b. Al , Ag , Cu
c. Al, Cu , Ag
d. None

Ans : C

13. Person entering in Old Well to Clean it dies due to
a. NO
b. NO2
c. CO
d. CO2

Ans : D

14. Series of Acidity
a. Phenol  > Water < Ethanol
b. Phenol > Water > Ethanol
c. Ethanol > Water > Phenol
d. Phenol < Water > Ethanol

Ans : B

15. In Amalgam, Essential Element is
a. Iron
b. Nickel
c. Mercury
d. All

Ans : C

16. Water is converted into vapour ,  Entropy
a. Increases
b. Decreases
c. Remains Same
d. None

Ans : A

17. Boiling Point of Alcohol
a. 1 degree > 2 degree > 3 degree
b. 2 degree > 1 degree > 3 degree
c. 3 degree > 2 degree > 1 degree
d. 3 degree > 1 degree > 2 degree

Ans : A

BPKIHS Entrance Exam 2073 - GK + Health Science

GK + Health Science

Choose the Appropriate Answer

1. Team Spirit 1993 refers to common training of soldiers of
a. USA and South Korea
b. USA and Japan
c. USA and China
d. USA and France

Ans : A

2. When did BPKIHS became Autonomous?
a. 1993 Oct. 18
b. 1998 Oct 18
c. 1998 Oct 28
d. 1993 Oct 28

Ans : C

3.  Winner of Euro Cup Football held in france is :
a. Portugal
b. France
c. Spain
d. Germany

Ans : A

4. World No tobacco day is celebrated on
a. December 31
b.January 31
c.April 7
d May 31

Ans: d

5. Republic day of Nepal is celebrated Every Year on
a. Baisakh 15
b. Jestha 15
c. Magh 7
d. Falgun 15

Ans : B

7. Son of Hanuman is
a. Makardhwoj
b. Pawan
c. Birdhwoj
d. Kurdhwoj

Ans : A

8. First Lady Chief Justice of Nepal is
a. Om shari gharti magar
b. Shushila karki
c. Hisila yami
d. Puspa kamal dahal

Ans : B

9. Who will be representing Nepal in Female Swimming in Olympics 2016?
a. Hisila Yami
b. Gaurika singh
c. Garima Rana
d. Baburam Bhattarai

Ans : B

10. Former US President Ronald Reagen died of
a. Coronary Arterial Disease
b. Alzheimer's Disease
c. Diahrroea
d. Parkinson's Disease

Ans : B

11. Hansen's Disease is
a. Leprosy
b. Tuberculosis
c. Typhoid
d. Dysentry

Ans : A

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BPKIHS Entrance Exam 2073 - Biology


Choose the Appropriate Answer.

1. Protein is synthesized at
a. Ribosome
b. Mitochondria
c. Centrosome
d. Centriole

Ans: A

2. DOTS Plus for MDR-TB was first adopted by which  SAARC country
a. Nepal
b. India
c. Bangladesh
d. Maldives

Ans: A

3. Fluoride Pollution mainly affects:
a. Teeth
b. Heart
c. Kidney
d. Brain

Ans: A

4.Mycolic Acid is present in cell wall of
a. Cholera
b. Mycobacterium
c. Typhoid
d. Tetanus

Ans: B

5. Fungal class in which sexual reproduction is absent is
a. Ascomycetes
b. Zygomycetes
c. Detueromycetes
d. Oomycetes

Ans: C

6. Counter Current mechanism in Fishes helps in
a. Flow of blood in gills
b. In Diffusion of oygen in Gills
c. To obtain oxygen from polluted water
d. in Respiration

Ans: B

7. During sternous exercise, the glucose is converted into
A.acetic acid
C.pyruvic acid
D.lactic acid

Ans: D

8. Oxytocin is Secreted by
a. Hypothalamus
b. Pituitary gland
c. Adrenal gland
d. Thyroid gland

Ans: A

9. Which parasite penetrates through skin?
a. Entamoeba
b. Hookworm
c. Roundworm
d. Tapeworm

Ans: B

10. BCG is given for
a. TB
b. Polio
c. Rabies
d. Tetanus

Ans:  A

11. When a Plant cell is placed in hypertonic solution, Osmosis occurs until
a. Concentration of salts is equal on both sites
b. Water pressure is equal on both sides
c. Until Cell bursts
d. water outside moves inside

Ans: A

12. Hormone responsible for regulating Basal Metabolic Rate is secreted by
a. Pituitary
b. Thyroid
c. Kidney
d. Pineal

Ans: B

13. The phase in which Nucleus and Nucleaar membrane disappears and distinct structure of chromosome is seen :
a. Prophase
b. Metaphase
c. Anaphase
d. Telophase

Ans: B

14. Basic Component of Evolution is :
a. Protein
b. Carbohydrate
c. Nucleoprotein
d. Nucleic Acid

Ans: D

15. Defect in which XXY chromosome is present is
a. Turner's syndrome
b. Klinefelter's syndrome
c. Parkinson disease
d. Patau's syndrome

Ans: B

16. Sex Linked disease is
b. Syphills
c. Colour Blindness
d. Gonorrhoea

Ans: C

17. Dyspnea is
a. Less oxygen in Blood
b. Stopping of Respiration
c. Difficulty in Breathing
d. None

Ans: C

18. Pneumatic bone is found in
a. Snake
b. Pigeon
c. Fish
d. Crocodile

Ans: B

19. Prothrombin and Fibrinogen are synthesized in
a. Spleen
b. Lymph Nodes
c. Liver
d. Kidney

Ans: C

20. Generally, Night Blooming Flowers are
a. Scented
b. Bright Coloured
c. Sticky
d. Insectivorous

Ans: A

21. Which of the following is non sense codon?
a. UUG
b. UGG
c. UAA
d. AGG

Ans: C

22. Which of the following is common in both prokaryotes and Eukaryotes
a. Ribosomes
b. Mitochondria
c. Chloroplast
d. Nucleus

Ans: A

23. Connecting link between Plants and Animals is
a. Amoeba
b. Euglena
c. Virus
d. Bacteria

Ans: B

24. Prime component of cell wall is
a. Starch
b. Cellulose
c. NAG
d. Pectin

Ans: B

25. Scurvy is related with deficiency of
a. Vitamin A
b. Vitamin C
c.Vitamin B2
d. Vitamin K

Ans: B

26. Disachharide present in milk is
a. Maltose
b. Lactose
c. Glucose
d. Galactose

Ans: B

27. Nutrient medium is obtained from
a. Gellidium
b. Laminaria
c.  Spirogyra
d. Cyanobacteria

Ans: A

28. Clitellar region of Earthworm lies in
a. 11th, 12th , 13th segment
b. 12th, 13th , 14th segment
c. 13th, 14th , 15th segment
d. 14th, 15th , 16th segment

Ans: D

29. Homeostasis is maintained by
a. Medulla oblongata and cerebrum
b. Cerebrum and Pons varoli
c. Cerebellum and cerebrum
d. Hypothalamus and Medulla oblongata

Ans: D

30. If Bark is removed from Plant , Plant dies because
a. Water from root cannot reach to leaves
b. Food from water cannot reach to Leaves
c. Food cannot be translocated to Roots
d. Due to Shock

Ans: C

31. Closest Ancestor of Man
a. Chimpanzee
b. Gorilla
c. Apes
d. None

Ans: A

32. Outer Covering of Cartilage is
a. Perichondrium
b. PeriOsteum
c. Peritoneum
d. EndoOsteum

Ans : A

33. Simplest Amino Acid is
a. Glycine
b. Tyrosine
c. Leucine
d. IsoLeucine

Ans : A

34. A bacteria divides once in 20 minutes exponentially . How many bacteria will be there after 2 hours?
a. 32
b. 490
c. 512
d. 1024

Ans : C

BPKIHS 2016 Entrance Exam Questions - Physics

BPKIHS 2016- Entrance Examination 


Choose appropriate answer from the four options

1. A body is  thrown directly upwards with velocity 10 ms^-1 . After what time It will reach the ground?
a. 5
b. 10
c. 15
d. 20

2. If momentum is increased by 50% , Increase in K.E is

3. Depletion layer consists of :
a. Electrons
b. Mobile Ions
c. Immobile Ions
d. Holes

4. When Two Bodies Travel in same direction with same velocity, Apparent frequency,
a. Increases
b. Decreases
c. Remains Constant
d. First increases and then decreases

5. Blue color of sky is due to
a. reflection
b. Refraction
c. Scattering
d. Diffraction

6. A person with Black skin will experience
a. less cold and less heat
b. more cold and less heat
c. less cold and more heat
d. more cold and more heat

7. In Isothermal process,
a. Heat supplied is zero
b. Process should be carried quickly
c. Average K.E remains constant
d. Volume and Temperature Remains constant

8. At Absoulte zero,
a. Gases are liquid
b.  Water becomes liquid
c. Molecular motion is ceased
d. None

9. Which of the following is not an unit of time
a. Leap Year
b. Lunar month
c. Solar day
d. Parallectic second

10. Cooking utensils must have :
a. High Sp. heat capacity and Low conductivity
b. High sp. heat capacity and High conductivity
c. Low Sp. heat capacity and High Conductivity
d. Low sp. heat capacoty and low conductivity

11.Water contracts when
a. Made ice from 3 degree celsius
b. Heated from 0 to 4 degree celsius
c. heated from 0 to 10 degree celsius
d. cooled from 0  degree celsius

12.  A body is moving in a vertical circle , Tension at highest point is :
a. Weight of body
b. Centrifugal force - Weight of rope
c. Centrifugal force + Weight of rope
d. Centrifugal force + weight of body

13. Induction cooker is based on heating effect of :
a. Eddy current
b. Electric Field
c. Magnetic field
d. None

14. Thick wires are used in transformers to :
a. Reduce Eddy current loss
b. To Reduce magnetic flux leakage
c. Decrease Joule's heating effect
d. Increase Joule's heating effect

15. Quantity that remains constant in transformer is
a. Current
b. Voltage
c. Frequency
d. None

16. Electron volt is unit of
a. Velocity
b. Energy
c. Potential
d. Magnetic flux

17. Inside bar magnet, Direction of magnetic lines of force is from :
a. North pole to south pole
b. South pole to North pole
c. Both
d. None

18. Dimension of Plank's constant is
a. [M^1 L^2 T^-1]
b. [M^1 L^1 T^-1]
c. [M^3 L^2 T^3]
d. [M^2 L^2 T^-1]

19. Hydraulic brakes are based on
a. Pascal's law
b. Archemedis Principle
c. Principal of Floatation
d. Boyle's law

20. A man moves towards north with 10 km/hr and 20km/hr towards east, Resultant velocity is
a. 20.36 km/hr
b. 22.36 km/hr
c. 22.46 km/hr
d.25.56 km/hr

21. Which is vector quantity ?
a. Current
b. Current density
c. Electric potential
d. Magnetic Flux

22. Which converts AC to DC ?
a. Rectifier
b. Transformer
c. Amplifier
d. Transistor

23. Which has highest penetrating power?
a. Alpha ray
b. Beta Ray
c. Microwave
d. Gamma Ray

24.  A student makes a faulty thermometer with L.P 5 and H.P 95 . The scale shows reading 55 degree. What is correct reading in celsius?
a. 51
b. 59
c. 60
d. 62

25. Photochemical smog is formed during
a. morning in winter
b. daytime in winter
c. morning in summer
d. daytime at summer

26. Mars has 1/10 th mass of Earth and 1/2 th diameter of Earth. Acceleration due to gravity (g) in moon is:
a. 9.8 ms^-2
b. 4.1 ms^-2
c. 3.92 ms^-2
d. 1.98 ms^-2

27. In the coming days, Skin related diseases will increase because
a. Water Pollution
b. Air pollution
c. Ozone layer depletion
d. Excessive use of detergents

28. A person is made to drink BaSO4 soln for Stomach X-ray because :
a. X-Rays are reflected by BaSO4
b. XRays are absorbed by BaSO4
c. X-Rays are diffracted by BaSO4
d. None

29.  Inert gas used in treatment of cancer is :
a. Helium
b. Neon
c. Radon

30. Velocity of sound .... The temperature at that day is
a. 27
b. 30
c. 32
d. 33

31. Heart pumps.... Power of Heart is
a. 1.555 watt
b. 1.55 watt
c. 1.155 watt
d. 1.15 watt

32. A wire of lenth produces 1% extension of it's own lenth when 2kg mass is connected in it. What is the strain?
a. 0.1
b. 0.01
c. 0.001
d. 0.0001

33. A ball with velocity ......  The Force is
a. 30 N
b.300 N
c.3000 N
d.30000 N

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15 Nepali Novels to Read Before You Die

Nepali Literature have always got great Authors who gave great Novels and Writings to Nepal Literature. There are many Novels which are very well written. Here, I've Shortlisted fifteen Novels that I felt Everyone should Read Once in their life.

So, Here are the Shortlisted Novels.

15 Nepali Novels to Read Before You Die


1. Karnali Blues

  ( Author : Buddhisagar )

          Published in 2010 , It is one of the best selling as well as most loved Nepali Novel written by one of the famous Nepali Writer Buddhisagar. It is one of the finest Nepali Novel.

        It is based ln the relationship between son and a father. It shows hlw small and smallest moments They spend becomes the root of the relationship. This novel also describes the moments of a littel boy of rural area turning into a man.

         Click here to listen Karnali Blues

2. Summer Love

 ( Author, Subin Bhattarai )

        Published in 2012, It is the love story of Young boy and girl named Atit and Saya. The Novel describes ups and downs that come to their relationship. It also shows how misunderstanding occurs and They overcome it.

          It is also one of the best seller Nepali Novel. Summer love is continued in it's part two - Saya. Being the best seller Nepali Nov and also loved by many readers, It is one of the novels that deserves to be in this list.

        Click here to listen Summer Love

3. Palpasa Cafe 

 ( Author : Narayan Wagle)

        Published in 2005, Palpasa cafe is another great Nepali Novel. It is based ln the story during Maoist war. It is one of the best selling Nepali Novels and also most loved Nepali Novels. It is also translates to several languages.

    Click here to listen Palpasa Cafe

4. Pagalbasti 

( Author : Saru Bhakta)

             Saru Bhakta has always been favourite author of many Novel lovers. Pagalbasti is one of his great writings which was publishes on 1991. It is based on fiction. We can find love, affection , belief and many others in this Novel.

     Click here to Listen Pagalbasti

5. Khalangama Hamala

 ( Author : Radha Paudel)
            Published in 2013, khalangama hamala is war memoir of a health worker written during maoist insurgency at jumla, Nepal. It is also madan puraskar winner which is the most recognized literary award in Nepal.

         Click here for more details

6. Seto Dharti

 ( Author : Amar Neupane )

         Published in 2012, Seto Dharti is another must read Nepali Nov. It is based on the past situation of woman in nepal. The Novel describes the whole tradition of early marriage as well as Sati pratha and also the situation of widow.

         Click here to listen Seto Dharti

7.  Damini Bhir

 ( Author : Rajan Mukarung )

          Published in 2012, It is one of the best nepali novel. It is also the winner of madan puraskar for 2012. The novel depicts the circumstances , psychology, and practices of nepali society during transitional phase.

         Click here to listen Damini bhir

8. Darbar Bahiraki Maharani 

 ( Author : Nagendra Neupane )

          Written by Nagendra Neupane, The Novel is about the King Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah and Gita, who worked in palace when Mahendra was prince. This Novel has described the physical relationship between prince mahendra and geeta. The love affair gave birth to Mahendra's first son Rabindra. Rabindra was considered as unauthorized prince in palace. But later on neither rabindra was introduced as authorized prince nor His mother Gita was introduced as authorized queen.

 Click here to listen Durbar Bahiraki Maharani

9. Pallo Gharko Jhyal

( Author : Govinda Bahadur Malla , Gothale )

        Pallo ghar ko jhyal is another great Nepali Novem by Gobinda Bahadur Malla also known as Govinda Gothale. This is a classic story of the struggle between social obligations and Sexual Passion.

     Click here to listen Pallo Ghar ko Jhyal

10. Sirish ko Phool 

( Author : Parijat )
               It is one of the finest book ever written in nepali literature. The novel has also won madan puraskar for bishnu kumari waiba. Also known as parijat. The novel is translated to english and titled 'The Blue Mimosa' . The English version is also used as course book in Reputed universities of the world.

   Click here to more details

11. Khusi

 ( Author : Bijay Kumar )

        Published in 2014, khusi is one of the best novels in Nepali Literature. It is the collection of personal memories and experiences where reader knows the analysis of Bijay kumar about the role of money, power and sex prevailing in the society. It has also won Madan Puraskar.

        Click here to Listen Khusi Novel

12. Urgen ko Ghoda 

( Author : Yug Pathak )

     Yug Pathak is a journalist as well as a writer. His first book that made him known in the literary world is 'Urgenko Ghoda'. It centers around one of the less privileged communities in nepal, the tamang community. The novel is very well written work fiction about the civil war in Nepal.

          Click here for More Details

13. Paniko Gham

 ( Author : Amar Neupane )

     It is another great Novel by Amar Neupane along with Seto dharti. It was also honoured with Padma Shree Sahitya Samman. The Story describes the struggle the poor old man have to face.

       Click here to Listen Paniko Gham

14. Phoolko Aankhama

 ( Author : Ani Choying Dolma)

    Phoolko Aankhama is famous Song of Ani chyoing dolma. Then , it's not just a song but also her Autobiography. It is all about how she became Ani and how it changed her life.

       Click here to listen Phool ko Aankhama

15. Seto Bagh 

( Author : Diamond Shamsher )

   Published in 1973, The Novel ' Seto Bagh' revolves around the life of Jagat Jung Rana, the eldest son of Jung Bahadur Rana. The plot is set around the time when jung bahadur rana was in power and after his demise. It has been translated to French, english and Japanese.

     Click here to listen Seto Bagh

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Let us know in the Comment section if you didn't see the novel you expected to be in the list.

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Singhadurbar - Political Drama - Nepali Teleserial - Watch all Episodes

SinghaDurbar is the first Political Drama of Nepal which is telecasted in Nepal Television. It is directed by Tsering Rhitek Sherma Who has also directed Nepali movies, 'Mukundo' and 'Karma'. It is the Story based on First Female Nepali Primeminister who undergoes various challenges yo establish the governance of transparency , accountability and collaborative Leadership.

Singhadurbar - Politicla Drama - Nepali TeleSerial

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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Bimal Gharti Magar's Sister Found Murdered

Bimal Gharti Magar's Sister Found Murdered

( Bhanupur-NawalParasi  26-5-2016)

According to different sources 
Bimal Gharti Magar Small sister Maneehsa Gharti was found death when she was alone in her home (her mother had gone to bank for some work). It is said that there were marks on her neck so their is suscept of murder . She had currently completed her grade 11 and was on vacation.

 Bimal Gharti Magar is currently in Belgium. Bimal Gharti Magar is the main striker for Nepali Football team.

This shows that 
girls are not safe even in their houses. Capital punishment must be given.

Rest in Peace beautiful soul.

The main reason behind the murder is still unknown.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

10 Nepali Movies to Watch Before You die

Nepali movies are in the Stage of Progress. At the Present, We've witnessed rapid improvement in Nepali Movie Sector which is also known as Kollywood. There are so many movies that have been made with great effort and They are the reason for upliftment of Kollywood Standard. They were loved by Kollywood Fans and They did very well in the Box office too.

Okay Lets Start. Here are the List of  Ten Nepali Movies to watch Before you die.

10 Nepali Movies to Watch Before You Die

1. Kagbeni

                        Released in 2008 , Kagbeni is a movie based on W.W Jacobs's 1902 Horror Story Monkey's Paw. It is one of the Masterpiece of Kollywood. It is also one of the most loved Nepali Movie. The Story is casted in the mountain region of Nepal.  It is highly appreciated movie ever made in Nepalese cinema history.  

                     The Acting level in this movie is at it's best , being a nepali movie. The story is evergreen and The story of W.W Jacob's Monkey's Paw is so well transformed that It deserves to be in this list.

                    Click here to Watch Kagbeni Movie

2. Sadanga

                   Released in 2015, Sandanga is another most appreciated movie ever made in Kollywood. The Acting is at it's best level for Nepali Actor Saugat Malla. More than others Saugat malla was appreciated for his great acting in Sadanga.

               Sandanga is movie based on the life of gangster 'Kalu'. The movie is at it's best to show Gangster's life in an Unique way. The movie is first ever movie of it's category. With very fine Acting and Presentation from the Cast and Crew, The movie deserves to be in the List.

                Click here to Watch Sadanga Movie

3. Pashupati Prasad

                       Released in 2016, Pashupati Prasad is one of the best move ever made in Nepalese movie history. The story of a common man who tries to pay the debt of his Father is presented so well in the movie that Everyone who watch the movie could not stop appreciating.

                         Khagendra Lamichhane is on the Lead Role who acts as the boy who tries to pay his father debt. The movie did so well on the Box Office. It is one of the top earning movies in Kollywood or Nepali Cinema industry.

4. Talakjung Vs Tulke

                    Released in 2015, Talakjung Vs Tulke is one Fine movie made on Nepali Cinema. It is based on the Story of War time of Nepal. The whole movie shows the effect of Maoist war on common people of Nepal. The situation is so well traced that It became one of the best movie in Kollywood.

                   Again, Khagendra Lamichhane in the Lead Role, plays the role of common man in the Nepali Village where Normal Life was going on. The movie takes a turn from the time War starts and His friends also take part in the War and Some of them are Killed. The ending of the Movie is also taken as one of the greatest climax of Nepali movie.

                   Click here to Watch Talakjung Vs Tulke Movie

5. Caravan

                   Released in 1999, Caravan is one of the best movie ever made in Nepali Cinema industry, Also the first movie to get nominated for Oscar Award for 'Best Foreign Film' Category. The film is directed by Eric Valli and Funded by France based Corporations.

               The movie is based on the life of the people of Himlayas at the height of 5000 metres. The Film unfolds as a Story of rivalry based on misunderstanding and distrust between the aging cheif and the young daring herdsman, who is both a friend and a rival to chief's family, as they struggle for the Leadership of Caravan. Also For Being first Nepali movie to be nominated For Oscar and Presenting Himalayan Nepali Life in amazing way, The movie totally deserves to be in the list.

                      Click here to Watch Caravan Nepali Movie

6. Wada Number Chha 

                     Released in 2015, Wada Number chha is one of the Best Movie and Most Appreciated as well as most watched Nepali movie. The movie casts Several famous actors - Deepak Raj Giri,  Dipa shri Niraula , Sitaram katel, Jitu Nepal, Priyanka Karki , Magne Buda and Several other actors and actresses.

                       The movie is based on very simple story and perfectly matching story of Nepali society during the Maoist conflict. The movie is very well presented to show the status during that time. It is the most viewed Nepali movie on Youtube till date.


                      Click here to Watch Wada No. 6 Movie

7. Kabaddi 

                                   Released in 2013, Kabaddi is another most loved movie of Nepali Cinema industry. The movie is based on story Typical Nepali boy who loves his soltina. The boy tries to show his love and affection for the girl. But the girl wants to read further and be educated. In the mean time A boy from city arrives and takes the girl to city to kidnap and demands for the money from her father.


                          Click here to Watch Kabaddi Movie

8. Kabaddi Kabaddi

                             Released in 2015, Being the Sequel of most popular movie of 2013, It was sure to be superhit in Box Office. It is one of the most earning Nepali movie of all time. The movie continues to show further story of 'Kaji' from Kabadi movie.

                             Dayahang Rai, one of the most loved actor of Nepali Cinema, is on the lead role as 'Kaji' , a typical Nepali Lover Boy. The movie is continuous story of  'kaji' from it's first part 'Kabadi'. Being one of the most earning movie in Box office, It deserves to be on the list.

                   Click here to Watch Kabaddi Kabaddi Movie 

9. Jhola

                        Released in 2013, It is one of the masterpiece from Nepali cinema, Casting Heart-Breaking Story. The movie is based on Nepali tradition that existed long Years ago 'Sati Pratha'. It is another movie nominated for Oscard Award for Best Foreign Language Movie Category.

                   The movie is based on the story written by Krishna dharawasi, 'Jhola'. Krishna Dharwasi is famous Nepali Story and Novel Writer. The movie 'Jhola' presents the story of ancient time when the won have to burn with her husband alive.

               Click here to Watch Jhola Movie

10. Balidaan


                            Released in 1995,  Balidaan is one of the most loved movie in Nepal. Starring Madan Krishna Shrestha and Hari Bansha Acharya also known as ' MaHa Jodi ' , ofcourse The Most Love Actors of All time in Nepal. Whether It comes to Teleserials , Comey Videos or Movies, They have been always a step ahead in Nepali Cinema Industry.

Are there any movies You want to See? Maybe We forgot list some of the great Nepali movies You can comment us below and remind us about it.

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Fulaani Novel - फुलानी उपन्यास - Khagendra Lamichhane - खगेन्द्र लामिछने

Fulaani is new Nepali Novel written by famous Actor and Script Writer Khagendra Lamichhane which is being released on Jestha 15, Saturday.

 Khagendta Lamichhane has Acted in Several movies and Theatres among which  most famous movies are Pashupati Prasad and Talakjung vs Tulke.

Fulaani Novel - फुलानी उपन्यास  - Khagendra Lamichhane - खगेन्द्र लामिछने 

He have invited all the interested People from his official Facebook Account. The image of the Facebook Post is given Below. You can also participate in the program.

We hope the writer will amaze us with his brilliant work as in Pashupati Prasad and Talakjung vs Tulke, though They are different Sectors. 

Fulaani Novel,
 khagendra lamichhane,
 Pashupati Prasad
 Pashupati prasad actor's Novel