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Singhadurbar - Political Drama - Nepali Teleserial - Watch all Episodes

SinghaDurbar is the first Political Drama of Nepal which is telecasted in Nepal Television. It is directed by Tsering Rhitek Sherma Who has also directed Nepali movies, 'Mukundo' and 'Karma'. It is the Story based on First Female Nepali Primeminister who undergoes various challenges yo establish the governance of transparency , accountability and collaborative Leadership.

Singhadurbar - Politicla Drama - Nepali TeleSerial

Watch the Full Episodes here:

Instead of Watching, Want to Download Singhadurbar Political Drama ?

Download From Here

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Bimal Gharti Magar's Sister Found Murdered

Bimal Gharti Magar's Sister Found Murdered

( Bhanupur-NawalParasi  26-5-2016)

According to different sources 
Bimal Gharti Magar Small sister Maneehsa Gharti was found death when she was alone in her home (her mother had gone to bank for some work). It is said that there were marks on her neck so their is suscept of murder . She had currently completed her grade 11 and was on vacation.

 Bimal Gharti Magar is currently in Belgium. Bimal Gharti Magar is the main striker for Nepali Football team.

This shows that 
girls are not safe even in their houses. Capital punishment must be given.

Rest in Peace beautiful soul.

The main reason behind the murder is still unknown.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

10 Nepali Movies to Watch Before You die

Nepali movies are in the Stage of Progress. At the Present, We've witnessed rapid improvement in Nepali Movie Sector which is also known as Kollywood. There are so many movies that have been made with great effort and They are the reason for upliftment of Kollywood Standard. They were loved by Kollywood Fans and They did very well in the Box office too.

Okay Lets Start. Here are the List of  Ten Nepali Movies to watch Before you die.

10 Nepali Movies to Watch Before You Die

1. Kagbeni

                        Released in 2008 , Kagbeni is a movie based on W.W Jacobs's 1902 Horror Story Monkey's Paw. It is one of the Masterpiece of Kollywood. It is also one of the most loved Nepali Movie. The Story is casted in the mountain region of Nepal.  It is highly appreciated movie ever made in Nepalese cinema history.  

                     The Acting level in this movie is at it's best , being a nepali movie. The story is evergreen and The story of W.W Jacob's Monkey's Paw is so well transformed that It deserves to be in this list.

                    Click here to Watch Kagbeni Movie

2. Sadanga

                   Released in 2015, Sandanga is another most appreciated movie ever made in Kollywood. The Acting is at it's best level for Nepali Actor Saugat Malla. More than others Saugat malla was appreciated for his great acting in Sadanga.

               Sandanga is movie based on the life of gangster 'Kalu'. The movie is at it's best to show Gangster's life in an Unique way. The movie is first ever movie of it's category. With very fine Acting and Presentation from the Cast and Crew, The movie deserves to be in the List.

                Click here to Watch Sadanga Movie

3. Pashupati Prasad

                       Released in 2016, Pashupati Prasad is one of the best move ever made in Nepalese movie history. The story of a common man who tries to pay the debt of his Father is presented so well in the movie that Everyone who watch the movie could not stop appreciating.

                         Khagendra Lamichhane is on the Lead Role who acts as the boy who tries to pay his father debt. The movie did so well on the Box Office. It is one of the top earning movies in Kollywood or Nepali Cinema industry.

4. Talakjung Vs Tulke

                    Released in 2015, Talakjung Vs Tulke is one Fine movie made on Nepali Cinema. It is based on the Story of War time of Nepal. The whole movie shows the effect of Maoist war on common people of Nepal. The situation is so well traced that It became one of the best movie in Kollywood.

                   Again, Khagendra Lamichhane in the Lead Role, plays the role of common man in the Nepali Village where Normal Life was going on. The movie takes a turn from the time War starts and His friends also take part in the War and Some of them are Killed. The ending of the Movie is also taken as one of the greatest climax of Nepali movie.

                   Click here to Watch Talakjung Vs Tulke Movie

5. Caravan

                   Released in 1999, Caravan is one of the best movie ever made in Nepali Cinema industry, Also the first movie to get nominated for Oscar Award for 'Best Foreign Film' Category. The film is directed by Eric Valli and Funded by France based Corporations.

               The movie is based on the life of the people of Himlayas at the height of 5000 metres. The Film unfolds as a Story of rivalry based on misunderstanding and distrust between the aging cheif and the young daring herdsman, who is both a friend and a rival to chief's family, as they struggle for the Leadership of Caravan. Also For Being first Nepali movie to be nominated For Oscar and Presenting Himalayan Nepali Life in amazing way, The movie totally deserves to be in the list.

                      Click here to Watch Caravan Nepali Movie

6. Wada Number Chha 

                     Released in 2015, Wada Number chha is one of the Best Movie and Most Appreciated as well as most watched Nepali movie. The movie casts Several famous actors - Deepak Raj Giri,  Dipa shri Niraula , Sitaram katel, Jitu Nepal, Priyanka Karki , Magne Buda and Several other actors and actresses.

                       The movie is based on very simple story and perfectly matching story of Nepali society during the Maoist conflict. The movie is very well presented to show the status during that time. It is the most viewed Nepali movie on Youtube till date.


                      Click here to Watch Wada No. 6 Movie

7. Kabaddi 

                                   Released in 2013, Kabaddi is another most loved movie of Nepali Cinema industry. The movie is based on story Typical Nepali boy who loves his soltina. The boy tries to show his love and affection for the girl. But the girl wants to read further and be educated. In the mean time A boy from city arrives and takes the girl to city to kidnap and demands for the money from her father.


                          Click here to Watch Kabaddi Movie

8. Kabaddi Kabaddi

                             Released in 2015, Being the Sequel of most popular movie of 2013, It was sure to be superhit in Box Office. It is one of the most earning Nepali movie of all time. The movie continues to show further story of 'Kaji' from Kabadi movie.

                             Dayahang Rai, one of the most loved actor of Nepali Cinema, is on the lead role as 'Kaji' , a typical Nepali Lover Boy. The movie is continuous story of  'kaji' from it's first part 'Kabadi'. Being one of the most earning movie in Box office, It deserves to be on the list.

                   Click here to Watch Kabaddi Kabaddi Movie 

9. Jhola

                        Released in 2013, It is one of the masterpiece from Nepali cinema, Casting Heart-Breaking Story. The movie is based on Nepali tradition that existed long Years ago 'Sati Pratha'. It is another movie nominated for Oscard Award for Best Foreign Language Movie Category.

                   The movie is based on the story written by Krishna dharawasi, 'Jhola'. Krishna Dharwasi is famous Nepali Story and Novel Writer. The movie 'Jhola' presents the story of ancient time when the won have to burn with her husband alive.

               Click here to Watch Jhola Movie

10. Balidaan


                            Released in 1995,  Balidaan is one of the most loved movie in Nepal. Starring Madan Krishna Shrestha and Hari Bansha Acharya also known as ' MaHa Jodi ' , ofcourse The Most Love Actors of All time in Nepal. Whether It comes to Teleserials , Comey Videos or Movies, They have been always a step ahead in Nepali Cinema Industry.

Are there any movies You want to See? Maybe We forgot list some of the great Nepali movies You can comment us below and remind us about it.

Nepali to English Date Converter - Nepali Date Converter

Date Converter Sample

Nepali To English Date Converter | Nepali Date Converter

Nepali to English Date Converter converts Nepali Date according to Nepali Calender. It is the Best Nepali Date converter to convert BS to AD. Nepali Date converter converts Bikram Sambat (1970 to 2100 B.S) to Gregorian Calendar (1913 to 2044 A.D). This Nepali To English Date Converter and English to Nepali Date Converter is useful tool to convert AD to BS and BS to AD and very Helpful during Green Card Visa Lottery application "DV Lottery". 

Useful for:

 Diversity Visa Lottery
 English Date Need
 Birthdate in English
 Convert Birthdate from Nepali to english

Fulaani Novel - फुलानी उपन्यास - Khagendra Lamichhane - खगेन्द्र लामिछने

Fulaani is new Nepali Novel written by famous Actor and Script Writer Khagendra Lamichhane which is being released on Jestha 15, Saturday.

 Khagendta Lamichhane has Acted in Several movies and Theatres among which  most famous movies are Pashupati Prasad and Talakjung vs Tulke.

Fulaani Novel - फुलानी उपन्यास  - Khagendra Lamichhane - खगेन्द्र लामिछने 

He have invited all the interested People from his official Facebook Account. The image of the Facebook Post is given Below. You can also participate in the program.

We hope the writer will amaze us with his brilliant work as in Pashupati Prasad and Talakjung vs Tulke, though They are different Sectors. 

Fulaani Novel,
 khagendra lamichhane,
 Pashupati Prasad
 Pashupati prasad actor's Novel 

Nepali Sabdakosh - नेपाली शब्दकोश - Nepali Dictionary

Nepali Brihat Sabdakosh or Simply Nepali Dictionary contains almost all words of Nepali Language. The Nepali Dictionary ( नेपाली ब्रिहत शब्दकोश )   is Published by Pragya Pratisthan, Nepal .

This is the Seventh Edition.

You can buy hard copy from Market but Download it's Soft copy for Free from here.

Click Here to Download Nepali Sabdakosh

Nepali Sabdakosh | Nepali Dictionary | नेपाली शब्दकोश 

Translated to Nepali

नेपाली ब्रिहत शब्दकोश अथवा नेपाली डिस्नरीमा नेपाली भाषाका लग्भग सबै शब्द हरु छन । नेपाली ब्रिहत शब्दकोश प्रग्या प्रतिस्ठान , नेपाल ले प्रकाशन गरेको हो । 

यो सातौ अध्ध्याये हो । 

एस्को हार्ड कपी बजार मा खरिद गर्न सक्नुहुनेछ भने , सफ्ट कपी तल लिन्क बाट download गर्न सक्नुहुनेछ ।


Nepali Dictionary; Nepali Sabdakosh; Nepali Brihat Sabdakosh; Nepali Language Dictionary; Dictionary; Nepal Pragya Pratisthan

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Best Online jobs For Students 2016

It's the fact that We all want to be independent. We have taken away lot of money from our parents for our Study and Expenses And Now is the Best Time to learn about Life and to be an independent individual.

Do you know that you could make money online ? Yes You can. I've listed some of the methods and Networks where you could make money with Simple Skills.

Top online jobs For Students 2016

1. Fiverr :-

                It is the biggest marketplace to make money with your skills. The Amount You can earn from it has no limit. In simple words, you can earn unlimited Amount of Money.

     In fiverr, You should create a gig ( An Offer) at first. The gig looks like "I will make a Stunning logo for your Website" ,  and You place an amount ( starting from 5$). When Someone will choose your gig and order for it, start working , submit your work and Get Paid.

  Be Careful while choosing the gig. You should create the gig that matches your Skill.

   If you are good at Speaking, then Making Testimonials could be best for you. If you are good at writing, then Writing Articles could be best for you. If you are good at logo designing , making logo could be best. There's no specific task you should do.

2. Youtube

     Youtube can be another good place to monetize your Skills and Capabilities. If you are good at making videos , this is one of the best place for you. You can make or record any types of videos that doesnot Affect Youtube Policies.

     Make, Upload and Monetize the videos and Get paid. It's that much easy. But Let me tell you, Making money with youtube is not that easy as you should struggle a lot to get Real And Organic views.

3. Freelancer :-

      It is another great place to get Started. Just signup, Complete your Profile, Find the Projects And Bid on the Suitable Project. Once you are awarded with the Project, You could start the work and Submit, then you will be paid.

How will You be Paid?

 You may be thinking about getting paid about completion of task.  Well, It's much easier than you think. You shoukd signup to following E-wallets to get paid , and you could withdraw or send these currencies in exchange of Cash.

   - Skrill
   - Bitcoin
   - Neteller
   - Perfectmoney
   - Payoneer

And Local Ewallet

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Azar Hindi Movie - Watch full Movie - Mohammad Azaruddin

Azar is the biopic of famous Indian Cricketer Mohammad Azaruddin who was also the Captain of Indian National Cricket Team. Azaruddin was alleged of match fixing.

In the movie 'Azar' ,  Imran Hashmi has played the role of Azaruddin.

It is one of the most awaited movie.

Watch it here
Click here to watch/download

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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Archana Paneru's First Love

Archana Paneru , A girl who amazed every Nepali with her shocking Aim to be A Pornstar was asked by A Journalist about her Love life.

Interview With Archana Paneru

In the Interview, Journalist asked Rishi Dhamala asked, " Have you ever fall in love with Someone? And Does Someone's Some Matters to you?"

Archana told the journalist that She was in love with her best friend at school when She was in Class 7. She was used by him and left, which is one of the many factors which made her dream to be A Pornstar.

In Between the interview Her mother told the journalist not to ask about the past and lets talk about their future.

From this Interview It is clear that This could be one of many factors She want to be pornstar in her future.

The journalist asked her to tell a joke and She started and Said, " I am virgin."

Nepali Boy “Suyog Ramdaam” Got Selected In X Factor UK

Suyog Ramdaam ,A Nepali boy from United Kingdom was able to make to the next round of X Factor UK as he used his official facebook account to share his excitement to be able to make to the next round. He writes

The X Factor UK is a reality Television Show that aspires to find new singing talents from the Public. The program takes audition of the Public and the jury make decision either to give pass to the next round. X factor is one of the popular show in United Kingdom.The show started in 2004 and it is aired annually from August to December.

The X Factor UK is a reality Television Show that aspires to find new singing talents from the Public. The program takes audition of the Public and the jury make decision either to give pass to the next round. X factor is one of the popular show in United Kingdom.The show started in 2004 and it is aired annually from August to December.


Probably Suyog Ramdaam is the first Nepali to be selected for the next round of X Factor UK. It is the prestigious and most appreciated show in the world and also in the Britain. It is the major breakthrough for all the Nepalese as well as no one had ever been selected for this show before. We have seen some Pakistani and Indians being slected but no any Nepalese till today.

Desipte Audition Clip is yet to come,you can watch his other clips here

Congratulations to us and yes obviously a big credit goes to Suyog Ramdaam. Hope he makes it to the next round and makes Nepal proud of him.

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Unlimited NTC 3G at Rs 90 Only

Nepal Telecom is giving unlimited NTC 3g data at 90 rupees. Anyoone who subscirbe to this Data pack will be able to surf unlimites NTC 3G data at just 90 Rupess for 1 week Each day 11 PM to 7 AM.

This data pack is valid till jestha.

The Average speed of NTC 3g is 3mbps.

Type 'Nightdata' And send to 1415

You can also use it in your PC.

To Use your Phone’s Mobile data on your PC/Laptop Follow these easy steps:

  1. Open your device’s settings
  2. Select Tethering And  mobile Hotspot
  3. Set your  hotspot name and Wifi password

  4. Switch it on
  5. Open your Laptop’s WiFi and connect it to your hotpot 
  6. Enjoy NTC’s fastest internet 3g surfing.

This is a limited time offer. So Subscribe fast and Surf high speed 3g internet.

Get Your Mastercard within 5 Minutes | Mastercard in Nepal

 Nepal is developing country and very back in the field of technology. In the time of Virtual transactions, Nepal is still making Cash transactions and there are not much people who have Matercards or  Payment Accounts.

But, There are some companies that provide Mastercards Easily. Here, I recommed one company where you can have your Mastercard in Few minutes.

What can you do with this card?

  • Spend Money Online
  • Shopping Online
  • Online Betting at famous sites like Bet365, Williamhill, Betfair,
  • Use At ATMs worldwide
  • Facebook Page and Posts promotion
  • Use at Shops And Hotels that accept Mastercard
  • Send money to friends online
  • And Much More

How to Get Mastercard in 5 Minutes

Although there are many companies that provide mastercard, I will recommend the Safest, Secure, Easy and Reliable Company to have Mastercard - Neteller.


Step 1:
Go to

Step 2:
Signup for Account

Step 3:
Login to Account

Step 4:
Go to Net +

Step 5: 
Create Virtual Mastercard in Seconds

Step 6:
Use it Anywhere But After Loading money As It is prepaid mastercard.

Step 7 (Optional):
You can also order real mastercard to use offline and in ATMs

Other companies that provide mastercards are Payoneer, Okpay, Skrill.

If you have any problems, Do not hesitate to comment below.

Help Dhurmush Suntali For Re-innovation of "Giranchaur Basti" in One Click | Earthquake in Nepal

Dhurmush Suntali Basti in Kavrepalanchok

One of the legend couple and the famous comedy artist "Dhurmush and Suntali" that is Sitaram Kattel and Kunjana Ghimire is working very hard for the re-innovation of Nepal after the earthquake. Their great work was already appreciated globally.

As we have already seen their great work in Kavrepalanchok for their "Namuna Pahari Basti" through their NGO "Dhurmush Suntali Foundation".

If you are willing to help them for their new project "Giranchaur Akikrit Namuna Basti" then it's easy for you now. Below is the link to donate for their great social work.

You can easily donate them through the above link. Specially, if you are in abroad and willing to help them then you are right place.

Archana Paneru - Chhesko - Watch Full Movie - Nepali Actress

Archana Paneru says Chhesko is debut movie not Jism | अर्चनका पनेरुको छेस्को र जिस्म झगडा

Archana Paneru | Chhesko Nepali Movie | Watch Full Movie

Archana Paneru , Nepali Actress And Maybe Upcoming Nepali Pornstar is awaiting for her debut movie , Chhesko. Although The  shooting of chhesko was started before Earthquake, Archana Paneru after being famous, She was given some scenes for Chhesko

In the Video , Archana paneru talks that She want to tell to her fans that chhesko is her movie and Jism isn't.

It cleary shows the that There is no understanding between, Chhesko director and Archana paneru talking about her roles. She said, She was given less and less important roles.

You can watch the trailer of chhesko here :

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10 Best Quotes on Mothers day

 Download Now

1. आमा मैले कोठाभाडा पाच सये तिर्न नसकेपनी एकदिन मुलुककै कार्येकारी बनेर हेलोकप्टरमा तिमी लाई ढोग्न आउनेछु , तिम्रो कोख को भाडा त चुक्ता हुनै सक्दैन ।

    - Mukunda Ghimire

2. My mom  asked me how to screenshot on her phone. I laughed and then remembered she taught me how to use a spoon and toilet.
  - Unknown

3. आमाले कही खान्छन ? थपी पो दिन्छन त !
   -  Pashupati Prasad

4.  सबैकाे अाफ्नाे अामाकाे बारेमा त लेखे तर काेहि पनि यस्ताे छाेराछाेरि देखिएन
जहाँ नेपाल अामाकाे बारेमा लेखेकाे हाेस्
   - Facebook

5. बाबाको पैसा मागेर आमाको मुख हेर्ने जती एक हौ । 
     - Adrin Sujan Adhikari ( MRR)

6. खुशी त तेती बेला लाग्यो जब आमा को मुख हेर्ने दिन घरमा  आफ्नो मेहेनत को पैसा काम लाग्यो 
     -Keiran Pande


 आमाले आज आफै कल गरेर भन्नू भयो "छोरा आज के हो तलाइ थाहा छ"
तर काम को भिडमा अनि आफ्नो स्म्रण शक्तिलाई कोस्दै उस्ले "आमा आज हजुरको दिन हो,मलाई माफी दिनुहोस,म कस्तो छोरा यति नि थाहा भएन"
आमाले हास्दै भन्नू भयो "धत लाटा,आज तेरो जन्मदिन हो,आफ्नो जन्मदिन बिर्सिस,आमा को मुख हेर्ने दिन त जैले नि हुन्छ नि बाबु"।

हो रहेछ,आमाको मायालाई कसैले जित्न सक्दैन ।

-  Gats Bie ( MRR)

8. लाग्दैछ अाज Facebook मार्फत अामाहरुकाे Beauty Contest चलाइदै छ ।
     - Aakash Aryal

9. आँखा भित्र आँसु 
म:म भित्र मासु
आज फेस्बुक भरी
सासुनै सासू!!!

- Unkown

10. जननी..जननी जन्मभूमिस्च स्वर्गदपि गरियसी।
स्वर्गमा पनि कुन ठाउँ होला त्यो जहाँ आमाको
काखमा झैँ शितल, शान्त, आनन्द अनि न्यानो ममता
मिल्दछ? त्यसैले होला त्रिलोकेश्वर शिवले यहि
धर्तिमा झरी ध्यान गरेको हुन सक्छ तेहि ध्यानपनि
ममतामयी जन्मदाता आमाको।
दस धारा दुधको अनि न्यानो काखको ऋण त तिर्न
सकिन्न...सक्छु त केबल एक यी दुई हात जोडी
सास्टाङ्ग दन्दवत। मेरी आमा लगायत सम्पूर्ण
आमाजगतलाई मरो हृदयदेखिनै नमस्कार अनि यस

विशेष दिनको सुभकामना।