Wednesday, May 25, 2016

10 Nepali Movies to Watch Before You die

Nepali movies are in the Stage of Progress. At the Present, We've witnessed rapid improvement in Nepali Movie Sector which is also known as Kollywood. There are so many movies that have been made with great effort and They are the reason for upliftment of Kollywood Standard. They were loved by Kollywood Fans and They did very well in the Box office too.

Okay Lets Start. Here are the List of  Ten Nepali Movies to watch Before you die.

10 Nepali Movies to Watch Before You Die

1. Kagbeni

                        Released in 2008 , Kagbeni is a movie based on W.W Jacobs's 1902 Horror Story Monkey's Paw. It is one of the Masterpiece of Kollywood. It is also one of the most loved Nepali Movie. The Story is casted in the mountain region of Nepal.  It is highly appreciated movie ever made in Nepalese cinema history.  

                     The Acting level in this movie is at it's best , being a nepali movie. The story is evergreen and The story of W.W Jacob's Monkey's Paw is so well transformed that It deserves to be in this list.

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2. Sadanga

                   Released in 2015, Sandanga is another most appreciated movie ever made in Kollywood. The Acting is at it's best level for Nepali Actor Saugat Malla. More than others Saugat malla was appreciated for his great acting in Sadanga.

               Sandanga is movie based on the life of gangster 'Kalu'. The movie is at it's best to show Gangster's life in an Unique way. The movie is first ever movie of it's category. With very fine Acting and Presentation from the Cast and Crew, The movie deserves to be in the List.

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3. Pashupati Prasad

                       Released in 2016, Pashupati Prasad is one of the best move ever made in Nepalese movie history. The story of a common man who tries to pay the debt of his Father is presented so well in the movie that Everyone who watch the movie could not stop appreciating.

                         Khagendra Lamichhane is on the Lead Role who acts as the boy who tries to pay his father debt. The movie did so well on the Box Office. It is one of the top earning movies in Kollywood or Nepali Cinema industry.

4. Talakjung Vs Tulke

                    Released in 2015, Talakjung Vs Tulke is one Fine movie made on Nepali Cinema. It is based on the Story of War time of Nepal. The whole movie shows the effect of Maoist war on common people of Nepal. The situation is so well traced that It became one of the best movie in Kollywood.

                   Again, Khagendra Lamichhane in the Lead Role, plays the role of common man in the Nepali Village where Normal Life was going on. The movie takes a turn from the time War starts and His friends also take part in the War and Some of them are Killed. The ending of the Movie is also taken as one of the greatest climax of Nepali movie.

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5. Caravan

                   Released in 1999, Caravan is one of the best movie ever made in Nepali Cinema industry, Also the first movie to get nominated for Oscar Award for 'Best Foreign Film' Category. The film is directed by Eric Valli and Funded by France based Corporations.

               The movie is based on the life of the people of Himlayas at the height of 5000 metres. The Film unfolds as a Story of rivalry based on misunderstanding and distrust between the aging cheif and the young daring herdsman, who is both a friend and a rival to chief's family, as they struggle for the Leadership of Caravan. Also For Being first Nepali movie to be nominated For Oscar and Presenting Himalayan Nepali Life in amazing way, The movie totally deserves to be in the list.

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6. Wada Number Chha 

                     Released in 2015, Wada Number chha is one of the Best Movie and Most Appreciated as well as most watched Nepali movie. The movie casts Several famous actors - Deepak Raj Giri,  Dipa shri Niraula , Sitaram katel, Jitu Nepal, Priyanka Karki , Magne Buda and Several other actors and actresses.

                       The movie is based on very simple story and perfectly matching story of Nepali society during the Maoist conflict. The movie is very well presented to show the status during that time. It is the most viewed Nepali movie on Youtube till date.


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7. Kabaddi 

                                   Released in 2013, Kabaddi is another most loved movie of Nepali Cinema industry. The movie is based on story Typical Nepali boy who loves his soltina. The boy tries to show his love and affection for the girl. But the girl wants to read further and be educated. In the mean time A boy from city arrives and takes the girl to city to kidnap and demands for the money from her father.


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8. Kabaddi Kabaddi

                             Released in 2015, Being the Sequel of most popular movie of 2013, It was sure to be superhit in Box Office. It is one of the most earning Nepali movie of all time. The movie continues to show further story of 'Kaji' from Kabadi movie.

                             Dayahang Rai, one of the most loved actor of Nepali Cinema, is on the lead role as 'Kaji' , a typical Nepali Lover Boy. The movie is continuous story of  'kaji' from it's first part 'Kabadi'. Being one of the most earning movie in Box office, It deserves to be on the list.

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9. Jhola

                        Released in 2013, It is one of the masterpiece from Nepali cinema, Casting Heart-Breaking Story. The movie is based on Nepali tradition that existed long Years ago 'Sati Pratha'. It is another movie nominated for Oscard Award for Best Foreign Language Movie Category.

                   The movie is based on the story written by Krishna dharawasi, 'Jhola'. Krishna Dharwasi is famous Nepali Story and Novel Writer. The movie 'Jhola' presents the story of ancient time when the won have to burn with her husband alive.

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10. Balidaan


                            Released in 1995,  Balidaan is one of the most loved movie in Nepal. Starring Madan Krishna Shrestha and Hari Bansha Acharya also known as ' MaHa Jodi ' , ofcourse The Most Love Actors of All time in Nepal. Whether It comes to Teleserials , Comey Videos or Movies, They have been always a step ahead in Nepali Cinema Industry.

Are there any movies You want to See? Maybe We forgot list some of the great Nepali movies You can comment us below and remind us about it.