Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Best Online jobs For Students 2016

It's the fact that We all want to be independent. We have taken away lot of money from our parents for our Study and Expenses And Now is the Best Time to learn about Life and to be an independent individual.

Do you know that you could make money online ? Yes You can. I've listed some of the methods and Networks where you could make money with Simple Skills.

Top online jobs For Students 2016

1. Fiverr :-

                It is the biggest marketplace to make money with your skills. The Amount You can earn from it has no limit. In simple words, you can earn unlimited Amount of Money.

     In fiverr, You should create a gig ( An Offer) at first. The gig looks like "I will make a Stunning logo for your Website" ,  and You place an amount ( starting from 5$). When Someone will choose your gig and order for it, start working , submit your work and Get Paid.

  Be Careful while choosing the gig. You should create the gig that matches your Skill.

   If you are good at Speaking, then Making Testimonials could be best for you. If you are good at writing, then Writing Articles could be best for you. If you are good at logo designing , making logo could be best. There's no specific task you should do.

2. Youtube

     Youtube can be another good place to monetize your Skills and Capabilities. If you are good at making videos , this is one of the best place for you. You can make or record any types of videos that doesnot Affect Youtube Policies.

     Make, Upload and Monetize the videos and Get paid. It's that much easy. But Let me tell you, Making money with youtube is not that easy as you should struggle a lot to get Real And Organic views.

3. Freelancer :-

      It is another great place to get Started. Just signup, Complete your Profile, Find the Projects And Bid on the Suitable Project. Once you are awarded with the Project, You could start the work and Submit, then you will be paid.

How will You be Paid?

 You may be thinking about getting paid about completion of task.  Well, It's much easier than you think. You shoukd signup to following E-wallets to get paid , and you could withdraw or send these currencies in exchange of Cash.

   - Skrill
   - Bitcoin
   - Neteller
   - Perfectmoney
   - Payoneer

And Local Ewallet