Thursday, May 26, 2016

Bimal Gharti Magar's Sister Found Murdered

Bimal Gharti Magar's Sister Found Murdered

( Bhanupur-NawalParasi  26-5-2016)

According to different sources 
Bimal Gharti Magar Small sister Maneehsa Gharti was found death when she was alone in her home (her mother had gone to bank for some work). It is said that there were marks on her neck so their is suscept of murder . She had currently completed her grade 11 and was on vacation.

 Bimal Gharti Magar is currently in Belgium. Bimal Gharti Magar is the main striker for Nepali Football team.

This shows that 
girls are not safe even in their houses. Capital punishment must be given.

Rest in Peace beautiful soul.

The main reason behind the murder is still unknown.