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15 Nepali Novels to Read Before You Die

Nepali Literature have always got great Authors who gave great Novels and Writings to Nepal Literature. There are many Novels which are very well written. Here, I've Shortlisted fifteen Novels that I felt Everyone should Read Once in their life.

So, Here are the Shortlisted Novels.

15 Nepali Novels to Read Before You Die


1. Karnali Blues

  ( Author : Buddhisagar )

          Published in 2010 , It is one of the best selling as well as most loved Nepali Novel written by one of the famous Nepali Writer Buddhisagar. It is one of the finest Nepali Novel.

        It is based ln the relationship between son and a father. It shows hlw small and smallest moments They spend becomes the root of the relationship. This novel also describes the moments of a littel boy of rural area turning into a man.

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2. Summer Love

 ( Author, Subin Bhattarai )

        Published in 2012, It is the love story of Young boy and girl named Atit and Saya. The Novel describes ups and downs that come to their relationship. It also shows how misunderstanding occurs and They overcome it.

          It is also one of the best seller Nepali Novel. Summer love is continued in it's part two - Saya. Being the best seller Nepali Nov and also loved by many readers, It is one of the novels that deserves to be in this list.

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3. Palpasa Cafe 

 ( Author : Narayan Wagle)

        Published in 2005, Palpasa cafe is another great Nepali Novel. It is based ln the story during Maoist war. It is one of the best selling Nepali Novels and also most loved Nepali Novels. It is also translates to several languages.

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4. Pagalbasti 

( Author : Saru Bhakta)

             Saru Bhakta has always been favourite author of many Novel lovers. Pagalbasti is one of his great writings which was publishes on 1991. It is based on fiction. We can find love, affection , belief and many others in this Novel.

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5. Khalangama Hamala

 ( Author : Radha Paudel)
            Published in 2013, khalangama hamala is war memoir of a health worker written during maoist insurgency at jumla, Nepal. It is also madan puraskar winner which is the most recognized literary award in Nepal.

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6. Seto Dharti

 ( Author : Amar Neupane )

         Published in 2012, Seto Dharti is another must read Nepali Nov. It is based on the past situation of woman in nepal. The Novel describes the whole tradition of early marriage as well as Sati pratha and also the situation of widow.

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7.  Damini Bhir

 ( Author : Rajan Mukarung )

          Published in 2012, It is one of the best nepali novel. It is also the winner of madan puraskar for 2012. The novel depicts the circumstances , psychology, and practices of nepali society during transitional phase.

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8. Darbar Bahiraki Maharani 

 ( Author : Nagendra Neupane )

          Written by Nagendra Neupane, The Novel is about the King Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah and Gita, who worked in palace when Mahendra was prince. This Novel has described the physical relationship between prince mahendra and geeta. The love affair gave birth to Mahendra's first son Rabindra. Rabindra was considered as unauthorized prince in palace. But later on neither rabindra was introduced as authorized prince nor His mother Gita was introduced as authorized queen.

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9. Pallo Gharko Jhyal

( Author : Govinda Bahadur Malla , Gothale )

        Pallo ghar ko jhyal is another great Nepali Novem by Gobinda Bahadur Malla also known as Govinda Gothale. This is a classic story of the struggle between social obligations and Sexual Passion.

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10. Sirish ko Phool 

( Author : Parijat )
               It is one of the finest book ever written in nepali literature. The novel has also won madan puraskar for bishnu kumari waiba. Also known as parijat. The novel is translated to english and titled 'The Blue Mimosa' . The English version is also used as course book in Reputed universities of the world.

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11. Khusi

 ( Author : Bijay Kumar )

        Published in 2014, khusi is one of the best novels in Nepali Literature. It is the collection of personal memories and experiences where reader knows the analysis of Bijay kumar about the role of money, power and sex prevailing in the society. It has also won Madan Puraskar.

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12. Urgen ko Ghoda 

( Author : Yug Pathak )

     Yug Pathak is a journalist as well as a writer. His first book that made him known in the literary world is 'Urgenko Ghoda'. It centers around one of the less privileged communities in nepal, the tamang community. The novel is very well written work fiction about the civil war in Nepal.

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13. Paniko Gham

 ( Author : Amar Neupane )

     It is another great Novel by Amar Neupane along with Seto dharti. It was also honoured with Padma Shree Sahitya Samman. The Story describes the struggle the poor old man have to face.

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14. Phoolko Aankhama

 ( Author : Ani Choying Dolma)

    Phoolko Aankhama is famous Song of Ani chyoing dolma. Then , it's not just a song but also her Autobiography. It is all about how she became Ani and how it changed her life.

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15. Seto Bagh 

( Author : Diamond Shamsher )

   Published in 1973, The Novel ' Seto Bagh' revolves around the life of Jagat Jung Rana, the eldest son of Jung Bahadur Rana. The plot is set around the time when jung bahadur rana was in power and after his demise. It has been translated to French, english and Japanese.

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