Monday, August 1, 2016

BPKIHS 2016 Entrance Exam Questions - Physics

BPKIHS 2016- Entrance Examination 


Choose appropriate answer from the four options

1. A body is  thrown directly upwards with velocity 10 ms^-1 . After what time It will reach the ground?
a. 5
b. 10
c. 15
d. 20

2. If momentum is increased by 50% , Increase in K.E is

3. Depletion layer consists of :
a. Electrons
b. Mobile Ions
c. Immobile Ions
d. Holes

4. When Two Bodies Travel in same direction with same velocity, Apparent frequency,
a. Increases
b. Decreases
c. Remains Constant
d. First increases and then decreases

5. Blue color of sky is due to
a. reflection
b. Refraction
c. Scattering
d. Diffraction

6. A person with Black skin will experience
a. less cold and less heat
b. more cold and less heat
c. less cold and more heat
d. more cold and more heat

7. In Isothermal process,
a. Heat supplied is zero
b. Process should be carried quickly
c. Average K.E remains constant
d. Volume and Temperature Remains constant

8. At Absoulte zero,
a. Gases are liquid
b.  Water becomes liquid
c. Molecular motion is ceased
d. None

9. Which of the following is not an unit of time
a. Leap Year
b. Lunar month
c. Solar day
d. Parallectic second

10. Cooking utensils must have :
a. High Sp. heat capacity and Low conductivity
b. High sp. heat capacity and High conductivity
c. Low Sp. heat capacity and High Conductivity
d. Low sp. heat capacoty and low conductivity

11.Water contracts when
a. Made ice from 3 degree celsius
b. Heated from 0 to 4 degree celsius
c. heated from 0 to 10 degree celsius
d. cooled from 0  degree celsius

12.  A body is moving in a vertical circle , Tension at highest point is :
a. Weight of body
b. Centrifugal force - Weight of rope
c. Centrifugal force + Weight of rope
d. Centrifugal force + weight of body

13. Induction cooker is based on heating effect of :
a. Eddy current
b. Electric Field
c. Magnetic field
d. None

14. Thick wires are used in transformers to :
a. Reduce Eddy current loss
b. To Reduce magnetic flux leakage
c. Decrease Joule's heating effect
d. Increase Joule's heating effect

15. Quantity that remains constant in transformer is
a. Current
b. Voltage
c. Frequency
d. None

16. Electron volt is unit of
a. Velocity
b. Energy
c. Potential
d. Magnetic flux

17. Inside bar magnet, Direction of magnetic lines of force is from :
a. North pole to south pole
b. South pole to North pole
c. Both
d. None

18. Dimension of Plank's constant is
a. [M^1 L^2 T^-1]
b. [M^1 L^1 T^-1]
c. [M^3 L^2 T^3]
d. [M^2 L^2 T^-1]

19. Hydraulic brakes are based on
a. Pascal's law
b. Archemedis Principle
c. Principal of Floatation
d. Boyle's law

20. A man moves towards north with 10 km/hr and 20km/hr towards east, Resultant velocity is
a. 20.36 km/hr
b. 22.36 km/hr
c. 22.46 km/hr
d.25.56 km/hr

21. Which is vector quantity ?
a. Current
b. Current density
c. Electric potential
d. Magnetic Flux

22. Which converts AC to DC ?
a. Rectifier
b. Transformer
c. Amplifier
d. Transistor

23. Which has highest penetrating power?
a. Alpha ray
b. Beta Ray
c. Microwave
d. Gamma Ray

24.  A student makes a faulty thermometer with L.P 5 and H.P 95 . The scale shows reading 55 degree. What is correct reading in celsius?
a. 51
b. 59
c. 60
d. 62

25. Photochemical smog is formed during
a. morning in winter
b. daytime in winter
c. morning in summer
d. daytime at summer

26. Mars has 1/10 th mass of Earth and 1/2 th diameter of Earth. Acceleration due to gravity (g) in moon is:
a. 9.8 ms^-2
b. 4.1 ms^-2
c. 3.92 ms^-2
d. 1.98 ms^-2

27. In the coming days, Skin related diseases will increase because
a. Water Pollution
b. Air pollution
c. Ozone layer depletion
d. Excessive use of detergents

28. A person is made to drink BaSO4 soln for Stomach X-ray because :
a. X-Rays are reflected by BaSO4
b. XRays are absorbed by BaSO4
c. X-Rays are diffracted by BaSO4
d. None

29.  Inert gas used in treatment of cancer is :
a. Helium
b. Neon
c. Radon

30. Velocity of sound .... The temperature at that day is
a. 27
b. 30
c. 32
d. 33

31. Heart pumps.... Power of Heart is
a. 1.555 watt
b. 1.55 watt
c. 1.155 watt
d. 1.15 watt

32. A wire of lenth produces 1% extension of it's own lenth when 2kg mass is connected in it. What is the strain?
a. 0.1
b. 0.01
c. 0.001
d. 0.0001

33. A ball with velocity ......  The Force is
a. 30 N
b.300 N
c.3000 N
d.30000 N