About us

Stagenepal is a community created by us to enable users like you to get acess to literature easily through internet.Our aim is nothing other than to provide easy acess to literature and to take your helping hands to the help waiting hands.We provide you audiobooks, applications and other many training like hacking and safety tips.We are trying our best to make you much easier to get acess to this blog.
                 We, Stagenepal team established this blog in order to take Nepali literature, apps and news to a international level.Many foreigners and readers are unknown about nepali literature.So,We want to make them Known to Nepali literature.We don't want more.We want development of Nepali literature and applications.Our targer is not just only Nepali users but all the internet users all over the world.
            Friends, The google and other advertisements in this website are not for Profit.If you click and view the ads, We will get some money.The money collected are used to help the victims all over the world.You can donate some money too and this service will be available soon.So, Help Us and Help the victims.
                If you want to create your advertisement of your site, You should pay some small amount and the amount will be again donated for the victims all over the world.
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                                                    Leading towards a Safe Society,
                                                     Best regards,